The Passive Income Clock

By | August 12, 2018

My Passive Income Clock

I have started to calculate my passive income through a clock on the right hand side of the sidebar. This is just to be used as an example.

There are a few problems with this. It doesn’t have a memory of where it is, so if the site were to go down I believe it would restart. It is really just for illustration purposes. I also will continue to look for a clock that can continue to count and have a memory. Let me know if you know of anything like this.

Current Passive Wage – Calculations

I have calculated some data from previous payments and made an average. While this won’t be 100% accurate, it will for some sake, show an estimate of my what passive income will be.

Admob –  $3.82 a month

Adsense – $84.98 in 6 months – $14.16 a month

Dividends – $66.42 a month

Total Per Month – $84.40

Total Per Year – $1012.80


As the clock uses a second per unit timer, we have to break this up into cents per second or how long it takes to make one cent.

To calculate the Passive Wage Clock, we know that there is 8760 hours in a year, 525,600 minutes in a year or 31,536,000 seconds a year.

So to find out we have to divide 31,536,000 by $1012.8 (in cents) to get seconds per-cent made. This is 311.37 seconds for every cent made.

That might seem slow, but I am working to increase it every day.



I also have an Etsy Page where I make invites for popular games which I may go into later. For now I won’t go into it too much but will write a little about Etsy and how well you can do on there if you are selling the right thing. This really fluctuates day to day but overall it has done well. While this is more of a “fad” I really hope we can continue to make money this way. It is a cyclical type of selling platform. Let’s hope we can get onto the next right thing and make a lot of money.

My Etsy money is NOT calculated in the passive income clock as it varies too much and won’t last forever.


What does your Passive Wage look like right now?

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