Weight Loss Program

This will focus on weight loss. As of 13th August 2018 I weighed 99.7kg or 220 lbs. I’m going to work on this to lose some weight as eventually I would like to apply for the Police. Wish me luck, follow my progress below. I am 176cm (5′ 9″).


DateActual Weight (kg)Actual Weight (lbs)Body Mass Index (BMI)Goal Weight (kg)
13th Aug 201899.722032.18100.00
20th Aug 201896.621331.1899.2
27th Aug 201898.4
3rd Sep 201897.6
10th Sep 201896.8
17th Sep 201896.0
24th Sep 201895.2
1st Oct 201894.4
8th Oct 201893.6
15th Oct 201892.8
22nd Oct 201892.0
29th Oct 201891.2
5th Nov 201890.4
12th Nov 201889.6
19th Nov 201888.8
26th Nov 201888.0
3rd Dec 201887.2
10th Dec 201886.4
17th Dec 201885.6
24th Dec 201884.8